1. ~that’s my k-pop biff~

    [i.e. everyone’s k-pop bf, who are we kidding here]

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  3. sunturnsintowater:

    She doesn’t give anything, only takes .

    Nikita Kaun (SunTurnsIntoWater)


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  4. herochan:

    Marvel Typography: Iron Man 

    Created by Nathan Ingle

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  5. Daniel's shadow is an X-Wing.


    Annnnnnnd… We made it out!

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    Super BFF Series

    Created by Dennis Salvatier

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  7. Hot Alert: Your Newest Favourite Beard Male Model

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  9. itscoolmantotallycool LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND

    I just freaking like Go Jun-Hee (her and Jinwoon on WGM was like almost too cute and pretty to look at) and with Beenzino to add some bad-boy gruffness to what could have been a too-weird sneakers-and-suits shoot…hmm.

    High Cut, how is it you do things I don’t really like and yet manage to push my buttons anyway, it is diabolical.

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  10. this relationship was screwy as all get-out and yet I believed every inch of it. I liked that they had their own arc, in this…This is a show I thoroughly enjoyed, though I don’t feel the urge to rewatch it, but I never regret the time I spent on it. XD  The people in it lived in an alternate reality, but they were very real in it…

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