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  2. Under the Orange Trees

    this is a little track my brother and I created some time ago, inspired by the Queen of Attolia and her love story. ;) Lyrics for your reference below.

    Thief fans, let me know what you think!

    Dancing under the orange trees
    Eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me,
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees

    When I sneak through your chimneys
    And slip through the hallways while you dream
    I’m not trying to make you fear me
    I’m too captivated by that memory

    I saw you dance under the orange trees
    I’ll eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees…

    You’ve heard so much bad about me
    And they’ve told me the horror stories
    But let me tell you—they don’t everything
    Both of us are more, I want you to see

    Now you’re across from me
    Trying to explain this dichotomy
    You’ve always been a mystery
    Poisoning suitors, and so very lonely

    By yourself, dancing under the orange trees
    …sweet Irene
    On that throne, looking down at me
    …so cold, so lost Irene
    Come closer, you can dance with me
    Lose those heavy earrings with the bees
    Should I steal you away?
    …back to the orange trees

    I saw you dance under the orange trees
    I’ll eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees…

  3. T.O.P.’s sexy gramps - will never be over it

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    Eeping in joy has commenced.

    Had to share this here, too.

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  5. So old it’s new again, right?

    2010 shoot with Song Jae-Rim, who is one of those gorgeous beings that kind of just defies the mind.

    Some of the more recent shoots, where his hair is trimmed, and his maturity shows a bit more (he’s born in ‘85, so nearing 30: a good thing as far as I’m concerned) are great, and kind of show a different side. He’s done his military service already.

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    Vintage fatshion!

    I’m b46 / w36 / h46, wear a UK size 18 to 20 and I dress in vintage from the 1930s and 1940s on a daily basis.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that plus sized vintage doesn’t exist because that is just bullshit.

    Photography by Jirina Alanko, Kendra Bean and Miia Helenius

    Glorious body-image icons!

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    a new Ess.Geek project! - BODY IMAGE ICONS

    Health is important, and that positive changes to lifestyle are vital to that—and that includes attitude.

    I am launching, for myself, a body-image icon collection. Picture of women who have a body type like mine, who are a little further ahead in fitness than I am—be it just as an athlete, or in their own confidence of their shape.

    Christina Hendricks is a bit of a stretch—I am not near as buxom, nor probably as tall. However, her hourglass shape speaks to me, and the fact that her figure makes her stand out? Something I relate to from my experiences as a youth, if not so much now.

    As far as icons go, though, she’s perfect.

    See more on my Body Image Icons Pinterest Board

    Working on a body-positivity project! I’m creating a collection of women whose body is similar enough to mine to 1) encourage me to view myself more realistically & 2) give me some inspiration as I train in yoga/bicycling/rock-climbing for technique with my own body.

    I would love to see people creating their own posts/Pinterest Board for their own body type/weight-range, touching on their own interests. (I have some yogis, because I am an aspiring yoga practitioner. Maybe belly dancers or archers or hey, even cooks are more inspiring for you!)

    I won’t be reblogging more of these here unless there are those interested who don’t want to follow my food-and-natural remedies blog, because this is a trigger topic for some. But I’m hoping it will be positive vibes only!

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    I forced this movie on Josh a few weeks ago and the sound he made at this point was not human.

    That’s a pretty good description of the sound I made, too, “inhuman”.

    Somewhere between a puppy keen and peacock crow…

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    wonderland magazine

    ph. sam bayliss ibram

    styling. jayson hindley

    mua. thom walker

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    "It’s not as bad as people make it sound. Sure, you created a little monster that you have to take care of. But it’s a blast."

    :blasted right in the feels: