2. Me: "Yeah..."
    3. Person: "SAY SOMETHING IN IT!"
    4. Me: -Forgets entire language-

  1. Suddenly super-conscious of my Internet geek-girl profile after pitching that K-Pop girl-geekdom article to Tor.com and @-mentioning Jay Park all in one afternoon.


  2. "Be with someone who talks about you like you put stars in the sky."
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    Ah, yes, but where can I find such a person?
    Also, how do I get his mom to bug his clothes so I know how he talks about me?

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  3. shusu:

    Happy Birthday Kang Ji Hwan (Jo Tae Gyu)!!! 20.03.1977!!!

    He does scruffy so well…

  4. fer1972:

    Leather Covers for Books designed by Studio 42 Books

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  5. humansofnewyork:

    The mom was standing next to me, and while I was taking the photo, she said: “My husband is loving this right now. He tried to get me to wear the same thing, but I said ‘hell no.’”

    Going to show couple tees are not a girls-only impulse

    :Though my mom is the one who made us wear family shirts to keep track of each other at busy attractions, after creating the institution for airport travel:

  6. and see CL dresses like the boys I wanna dress like when she’s not dressing like a hiphop diva

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  7. Melted by AKMU

    This song’s title in Korean is actually “Ices” as in multiple frozen objects (maybe “Icicles” would be a good translation if it didn’t sound so funny)

    and it’s about adults being so cold.

    This music video about it is gorgeous, a music video as art film. The diversity in it may be a little bit exoticizing but would that USA films had as pragmatically exotic casting.

    And the storyline has a real pull and genuine twist to the ending that was both a relief and poignant, still.

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  8. humansofnewyork:

    Seen from 9th Ave.

  9. theknitdepartment:


    Another super easy pattern to knit guys!

    This beautiful mini skirt is a fantastic project to knit, I had lots of fun just thinking how I could put together an outfit using my mini skirt. I think it looks great for a night out with cool tights and a leather jacket, or for a casual occasion with a basic top and tights… these are just 2 examples but really there’s endless ways to style it!

    I used 3 different knitting patterns, the seed stitch, smocking stitch and rib stitch.. all classic, all easy to knit, I promise you’ll have no problem knitting this project!

    As always the pattern is free, and I’ll be posting it later on this week!

    Love this!

    Though a lack of comma in the opening sentence took me somewhat funny places in my mind.

    LBR, I would love to have a guy knit me this skirt, though it would involve divulging my measurements, so…

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