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    Extreme beekeeping (China)

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    Paintings on the ceiling of Eiheiji Temple, Fukui pref„ Japan.  Photography by Teruhide Tomori on Flickr

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    Kyoto, Japan : Hassaku 八朔 舞妓 章乃さん 清乃さん (by momoyama)

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    写生会 by ktakako25 on Flickr.

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    untitled by Hideaki Hamada on Flickr.

    Makes me think of hot, dusty days when your bike would seem to plough through ribbons of sun.
    Of parks where they played elementary school songs over a loudspeaker.
    Of the smell of grass and growing rice while a settlement of dragonflies whirred round.

    It’s funny how some places you never miss any less…

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    sakura (by suama*)

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    Photo of the Day: Visiting Yaksuam Temple

    Photography by Joao Paulo Barbosa (Brasilia, Brazil); Seoul, Korea

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    dad goes west (by miho’s dad)

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