1. kpophqpictures:

    [CF] BIGBANG T.O.P – Khawah French Cafe 2048x3068

    Holy macarons.
    Silver-hair TOP is like Kryptonite and catnip all in one.

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  2. Yeah, he’s hot. Even though I’m not actually in love with him, I can see it.
    Like, I am jealous, kind of seeing it.

    He’s like a girl-crush, only…

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  3. everything-is-gtop:

    Bringing this back, no regrets


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  4. ddongwow:

    Taeyang stealing Haru’s kiss that was directed to GD


    This whole catching of blown kisses thing will kill me yet.

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  5. Egads

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  6. teamotsfive:

    【HQ】 140503 T.O.P②

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  7. T.O.P.’s sexy gramps - will never be over it

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  8. Not my new lock-screen.

    But also good.

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  9. This beautiful photo is only spoiled by being so blurry on Dean-Yang

    (I just typoed BIGBAMF for the tag which…works as well)

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  10. The worst ones are when they are on some shabby couch just like yours looking up at you, like they could just park it in your living room and look that beautiful.

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