1. T.O.P.’s sexy gramps - will never be over it

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  2. Not my new lock-screen.

    But also good.

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  3. This beautiful photo is only spoiled by being so blurry on Dean-Yang

    (I just typoed BIGBAMF for the tag which…works as well)

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  4. The worst ones are when they are on some shabby couch just like yours looking up at you, like they could just park it in your living room and look that beautiful.

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  5. Do you like BIGBANG or Do you like FAMILY? 

     cre on gif


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  6. 'FROM TOP

    ye gods stop

    I cannot afford your photo book when it comes out

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  7. BROTP
    which is a word I am about to use often as it is perfect for the kind of bromance that is not a slash ship

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  8. And then there’s the other side of DorkTop

    when other people dress him and style his hair and you’re like


    That’s pretty, under there.

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  9. nattychoi:

    dis my korea biff

    oh ye gods why do I like such dorks

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  10. melancholy clown GD

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