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  2. Music Meme!

    As tagged by ninjaeyecandy, 11 songs, and 11 new players!

    (I always used to wish to be tagged in memes back in the LJ days but wasn’t, and just had fun with them on my own. This makes me feel semi-popular! Hahaha)

    1: B.A.P - Crash

    I actually like this song a lot, when some of the people who really liked B.A.P’s debut tracks didn’t. I do now see this was heading them in a direction away from their best, from their most unique sound. Still. Aww, B.A.P, I did love you.

    2: BTS - 팔도강산 (Paldo Gangsan)

    This track has a hilarious sattori lyric, which of course I don’t really understand but love all the same.

    The Bangtan Boys proved to be what I wanted B.A.P to become, and now I see why they’re succeeding at it (so far). They are themselves an integral part of the songwriting process, instead of just the leader rapper writing his own lyrics.

    Sure they’re probably given a lot of direction along the way, but their agency seems to be cultivating them the way YG cultivated BIGBANG and both WIN teams: to be musicians, not just performers.

    OK, I’m a bit in love. I know this.

    3: Jars of Clay - Flood

    This Jars of Clay album has weathered like 15 years of my life, and come back around as a favorite.

    4: Relient K - Maintain Consciousness

    Meanwhile, this band has consistently out out albums I like, though I may not own any from the last 5 years… They are nerds. Their lyrics are interesting and they also write great alternative rock just like my teenage favorites.

    5: Princess Mononoke OST (Joe Hisaishi) - The Encounter

    I recently realized this movie was *that* movie, that I still get unspeakably excited about it as art, and no other movie is quite as much so. It seems a bit TOO obvious to be my favorite movie, but it just is.

    6: BTS - Jump

    This song was basically the one that got me to start buying their whole albums on iTunes. I was astonished how much their non-single tracks held up, and sometimes surpassed, the appeal of their singles for me.

    7: BIGBANG - Monster

    About time. It’s totally possible this would have gone without me having a BB song, just because I’m resting the familiar albums a bit from my playlists…

    I still adore this song’s concept—music video, tone, everything.

    8: My Chemical Romance - Jet Star and the Cobra Kid/Traffic Report

    I have no songs from this album not in the regular rotation. Even the narration tracks like this have the cadence and interesting wording to stand up to multiple hearings.
    …they’re also cleverly brief.

    9: Plumb - Better

    Should I be concerned that all my US music is artists dating from my teens?

    10: SHINee - Hello

    Hahaha noona BUSTED

    11: G-Dragon - I Can’t Breathe

    OK, I’m glad this one sneaked in under the wire, because this and Heartbreaker are the ones that the video was so intriguingly bizarre I actually started to listen to them more than once…and then I found out the rest of BIGBANG could be pretty cool, with their MAMA Hallelujah (I.R.I.S.) performance.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be so proud of this gateway experience, actually…


    Because it’s time to plug my little-known indie of choice!

    Falling Up - Who You Are

    This group also dates from my teens but while others have been consistent this band kind of morphed from their original alternative rock roots into a trance-ish rock with sci-fi storytelling themes that they now are indie-producing and kickstart funding.

    It made me cry to hear their first album after being dropped by their label, years later. (Your Sparkling Death Cometh is the title of it. It has the most amazing cover:)


    So if you want to play along, you put your music player of choice on shuffle and see what it turns up. You don’t have to write the songs up, I just did that because I enjoy holding forth. Also, it was supposed to be ten but for some reason I thought it was 11, and therefore got in a dozen.

    And some people I would be interested in hearing from include:

    itscoolmantotallycool lesliegale nitrogenskyline cbot audreymgonzalez (who ninjaeye already tagged but did not play as far as I can see? I could be wrong.) agreyeyedgirl who I always try to tag by her Rav name

    and anyone else who wants to play along, and tag me back so I can see they did it. LOOKING FORWARD TO READING YOUR DIRTY SECRETS


    They are so awkward and it’s still my favorite.

    (I’m writing a story to this song, but I tend to get too caught up in how much I freaking like this song, even if it is ancient news to do anything productive…)




    ]ETA, the story is literally a story to this song and it is now up as a microshort of no literary merit here.]

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  4. Peace!

    and here he looks like that guy in that group you hang out with who’s usually too important to be there for your meet-ups, but tonight he actually stayed until you were the last ones eating pizza and you’re saying goodbye and it is dreadfully hard not to make a pass but he totally is seeing someone else, he must be, right?

    or something.

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  5. kpophqpictures:

    [CF] BIGBANG T.O.P – Khawah French Cafe 2048x3068

    Holy macarons.
    Silver-hair TOP is like Kryptonite and catnip all in one.

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  6. Yeah, he’s hot. Even though I’m not actually in love with him, I can see it.
    Like, I am jealous, kind of seeing it.

    He’s like a girl-crush, only…

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    Bringing this back, no regrets


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    Taeyang stealing Haru’s kiss that was directed to GD


    This whole catching of blown kisses thing will kill me yet.

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  9. Egads

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    【HQ】 140503 T.O.P②

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