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    got droids?

    Somehow this photo manages to eclipse nerd with art, and that makes it twice as sweet.

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    Anakin and Padme were reunited today at Star Wars Weekends. ;)

    My heart is broken with the awesome here and I don’t even really know the characters
    This is just too d——‘d charming.

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    English artist Craig Davison creates series of paintings that beautifully illustrate the awesome power of childhood imagination and our limitless ability to play pretend as our favorite movie characters. He draws from a wide variety of movies, but the pieces seen here all revolve around Star Wars.

    Kids play their hearts in the foreground while their shadows loom larger than life in the background as the fictional characters they’re pretending to be. Tree branches have become light sabers, cardboard tubes and a hair dryer work equally well as blasters, a garbage can and a colander are all you need to be R2-D2 and C3PO, and a pair of headphones serve as Princess Leia’s cinnamon bun hairdo.

    Visit Craig Davison’s website to check out more of his delightful and nostalgic artwork. Then go grab a tree branch and meet us at the park for a light saber duel.

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  4. martinekenblog:

    Inspired by the miniature marker sketches his artist friends, like Karen Hallion and Jesse Sans (or Atomic Rocket), were making on small card stock, LEGO builder Chris McVeigh (aka Powerpig) decided to create his own LEGO versions. That is, he would take pop-culture characters we all know and love and create small portraits of them using only LEGO bricks.

    After making just one, his fans gave him such positive feedback that he knew he was onto something. As he tells us, “I quickly put together one of Wolverine and posted it on Instagram and Facebook. I was blown away by the response, and so I challenged myself to do more.”

    He called them Brick Sketches and soon after creating Wolverine he made such awesome works as Batman (with a Bat signal), Optimus Prime (from Transformers), and even Cookie Monster (eating cookies). The three-dimensional portraits are all shot next to LEGO “pens” making them appear as if they’re hand-drawn (which, of course, they’re not).

    "Creating Brick Sketches is loads of fun, but also quite tricky due to their rather small size," McVeigh says about his challenges. "I restrict myself to a 12"x16" brick canvas, roughly the same size as my friend’s marker sketches, and it can be a real challenge to find just the right combination of plates to represent a specific character. Adding to the complexity is that not all parts are available in all colors, and worse yet, I may not have all the parts on hand. In fact, I’m actually waiting for a number of brick orders to arrive so that I can complete a dozen or so of these sketches that I’ve already designed!"

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  5. For some reason I am a complete sucker for Star Wars cosplay funny.

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  6. Prof Yoda train Luke
    Han meet Lando
    Vader, Leia and Troops
    Prof Kenobi save Luke


    STAR WARS 80’s High School - Key Sequences by Denis Medri / Blog

    Yes, good.

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    holy wow. Empire propaganda.

    Hilarity, Emperial style.

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    Dark Lens Cédric Delsaux

    “Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything we saw in the films. One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cedric Delsaux, who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban, industrial - but unmistakably earthbound - environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely plausible.” George Lucas

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  9. This is somehow funny and yet filled with modern despair.

    So I have no idea why I am blogging it, but it’s also just very compelling…

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    Best. Thing. Ever.

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