1. hccfrenzy:

    *image by HarperTeen (x)

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  2. bellabestia:


    This is why I think the art kimono is one of the most unappreciated art forms, and underutilized medias…

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  3. So, this is my friend whose book I have shown you the cover of, and am so excited to get people to read once it comes out.

    This blog article about her favorite mythical/literary curses is fantastic. It’s more fantastic for me, because I suddenly understand one of her older manuscripts a whole lot better (my Greek and Norse mythology has improved at least 50% by just reading this post).

    But you will just have to wait to see the cannibalism on that one in the deeper future…

  4. My friend’s book! I HAVE AN EARLY ADVANCE COPY OMG

    My name is in the back, too. For, oh, that dreadful chore of reading it as a baby book.

    It was great then, so I’m stoked to be reading it again now it’s fully grown!

  5. This is a poem that’s just too cute and charming and totally B&tB fanfic…I really can’t get up the nerve to send it to magazines.

    But Tumblr may like it?

  6. whatwonderfulthings:

    “The Library” from her GORGEOUS illustrative retelling of Beauty and the Beast by kelseymichele.

  7. well hello

    this may be the first time I have been made reconciled to the general look of Beast’s human version…

    Disney Heroes - Prince Adam by David Kawena by *davidkawena

  8. Beauty/Library=OTP

    also I always was a little disappointed the ottoman turned back to a dog, since I don’t like dogs, but the ottoman looked so comfy and friendly…


    Belle of Beauty and the Beast by Rebekah Isaacs

    For “Women of Disney” Week at Ashcan All-Stars

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  9. magicalteatime:

    My version of Beauty and the Beast, with Beauty as a moth and Beast as a bat.

    The weird sense of this being perfect…

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  10. taijavigilia:

    Beauty and the Beast based on the 1992 Oscars performance.  This came about from an exchange of notes on deviantArt, credit to Abranime to linking me to the youtube clip.  I remember seeing the award show as a kid and when the scene from Beauty and the Beast was played as a nominee for best film category my jaw just dropped to the floor but I had honestly forgotten all about the musical numbers.

    The video itself hasn’t aged well, but this painting is gorgeous, it puts a new color to the original in my mind. I like that feeling of it working so well, and yet adding to it…

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