1. they are such brats

    it is so great

    also, I will never be over that hair on TOP, but that’s a good thing.

    I mean, if threat of cardiac arrest is a good thing.

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  2. noona-jiejie-aneki:

    my big fat BIGBANG manifesto

    dearly beloved
    we are gathered here today to induct you into the mysteries and the sacred trust
    of Big Bang fangirldom

    But first, a little sales pitch.
    Every pop genre has its own transcendent outliers, artists who may keep most of the rules and fit most of the description, but yet they are somehow…more.

    The discussion of our own particular pet artists and how they transcend could take months, and no doubt it would be fun to have that conversation, but for the sake of this post and its topic let’s just say, for example, Taylor Swift.

    What Taylor Swift is to country, BIGBANG is to K-Pop boy bands.

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  3. Worked hard on the cover contest duet with my sister today!

    …Writing the rap was terribly hard, and it doesn’t even really sound like one since 1) I don’t rap so 2) I can’t write one that sounds right, but whatever. Anyone else entering?

    (My sister ended up singing G-Dragon’s in Korean after I SLAVED over that one, LOL.)

  4. Working on an English lyric to use in a cover of “Blue”! :D It’s hard work, but it stretches my poet-brain…

  5. vipanon:


    He would not have made my list of guys most-wanted-in-guyliner.

    Now I won’t let him off.

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  6. …okay, hello new dash buttons just in time to confuse me, but I am joining the herd in saying



    if you’re poor but proud like me.


    my opinion: I think I’ll like this song pretty well as part of a BIGBANG mix though it doesn’t grab me the same way my favorites do (I think Blues is actually going to become one of those, to my surprise).

    I do love the look of the video, though, you can tell it’s shot in real NYC boroughs with real NYC extras and actresses (like that one was Asian-American! I’m pretty sure) and I like the spotlight TOP got.

    I’m also floored by how Daesung’s the one who gets much much hotter as he gets older. I’m not surprised, exactly? Just floored by it.

  7. annapatch:


    Went live just now. :)

  8. truthsforme:

    T.O.P always looks superb. 

    And I favorite this picture every time it pops up again. There are not enough words for me to describe how I feel about this … the everything … this.