1. rainbowrowell:

    I can finally show you some of the excellent bonus art that Noelle Stevenson — Gingerhaze — did for the UK edition of Fangirl!

    It’s a cast portrait: Art (Cath’s dad), Wren, Cath, Levi, Reagan (Reagan!) and Nick. The UK paperback also has an illustrated scene between Cath and Levi.

    AND …

    Macmillan is having a contest. You can vote on which additional scene you’d like Noelle to illustrate. (Which is basically a fantasy for me. To have Noelle bring these characters to life.)

    If you’re in the U.S. or elsewhere and you’d like this paperback edition, I’ve had good luck ordering books from the UK through Waterstones and Amazon.

    so cute!

    Interesting to see accurate renditions of the characters—I ended up with textually incorrect images of the characters in my head early on. This is helpful, actually.

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  2. fer1972:

    Leather Covers for Books designed by Studio 42 Books

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  3. blindsprings:


    Here is “Knot”, a short comic I drew to sell at Mocca and TCAF this year. The printed version is going to be SO PRETTY. I’m in love with the cover (which I will post later).

    I just wanted to do something fairy-tale-like that talked about doubts and frustrations and how to deal with them. I’m really happy with how colorful and adorable the story turned out to be. 

    If you enjoyed “Knot”, please consider reblogging it and/or checking out my ongoing webcomic Namesake! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

    Isa’s been showing me wips of this for awhile, look how pretty this is finished, ahhh!!

    This is glorious.

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  4. "This book gives me more information about penguins than I care to have."

    In 1944 a children’s book club sent a volume about penguins to a 10-year-old girl, enclosing a card seeking her opinion.

    She wrote, “This book gives me more information about penguins than I care to have.”

    American diplomat Hugh Gibson called it the finest piece of literary criticism he had ever read.

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  5. Book Clutches by psBesitos

    Gorg-star, as they say in j-dramas only, or did I make that up myself


    come to mummy

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    1. Me: *looks at pile of new books*
    2. Me: *looks at bookshelves*
    3. Me: *looks at pile of new books*
    4. Me: *looks at bookshelves*
    5. Me: ....
    6. Me: This is why dragons just pile everything in the middle of the room, isn't it.
  7. booksandstories:

    Ride. Read.

    relate to this because I put down money on my bike today AND bought books

    it was, indeed, a good day.

  8. These photos of me look a little goofy, but it’s all because of how genuinely excited and thrilled I am to be finding my friend Rose’s book on the shelves for real.

    I got nervous walking in the store, and anxious about finding it—and when I did, oh, it was beautiful. The dust jacket feels velvety, the rose embossed underneath is so pretty, and seeing it all printed up…

    I was thinking of doing a giveaway, but I’m not sure I can bear to.

  9. This speaks to me somehow…

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