1. richincolor:

    on my summer reads list:
    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
    Fresh Off the Boat
    A Tale For The Time Being

    If you’ve got any summer book recs, please share!

    Just read To All The Boys! it was super-excellent.

    Also finished Good Omens, a funny, summery fantasy that was perfect for reading on the airplane…

  2. captainplanetdesu:

    My new bookmark is badass

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  3. codiannthomsen:

    I just found the first free library that I’ve ever seen in person on a hike we’re all taking to the ocean. This has got to be the most charming thing I’ve ever seen.

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  4. houghtonlib:

    via booksandchurches:

    Six selected bindings from the current InsideOUT DB bookbinding exhibition, three from UK binders and three from US binders. http://www.designerbookbinders.org.uk/exhib/InsideOUT/InsideOUT.html

    This exhibition will be coming to Houghton Library this fall, and we can’t wait!

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  5. sosaecaetano:

    Tender, by Nigel Slater, is a masterpiece. Every page is a work of art. I read a little bit each day, just to savor it…

    That looks gorgeous.



  6. essentialsgeek:

    Why gymnastics was never what I really wanted, so I’m glad I never had a chance to burn that bridge…

    and instead found yoga.

    Reblogging here, because if you ever read the A Very Young ____ series as a child you will relate…

    (I need to collect those. Also, Jill Krementz’s A Writer’s Desk is BRILLIANT if you’re into that sort of “look into the life of a writer” thing.)

  7. maggie-stiefvater:

    I am giving away three Sinner advanced review copies to Tumblr people, and because I dislike complicated rules, all you have to do is reblog these two images with the following text or some version of it that doesn’t hurt your soul:

    "Sinner, the standalone companion to the #1 NYT Bestselling Shiver series, coming July 1. Custom book wrapper if you pre-order from Fountain Bookstore.”

    and you’re entered. International is fine. Only one reblog counts, so if you fall asleep on your keyboard and accidentally reblog it fourteen times, that is still one entry. “Likes” don’t count. It’s running from today until May 31st, when I’ll pick three random reblogs to win.

  8. cbot:


    I recently came into possession of Dante’s Purgatory & Paradise illustrated by Gustave Dore, a late19th century edition.
    I’ve seen his engravings reproduced in so many different pictorial archives, but none of them really compare, studying them up close here the whites appear silver, they’re like thousands of tiny silver threads.



  9. "A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say."
    — Italo Calvino, The Uses of Literature (via bookporn)

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  10. Under the Orange Trees

    this is a little track my brother and I created some time ago, inspired by the Queen of Attolia and her love story. ;) Lyrics for your reference below.

    Thief fans, let me know what you think! (barring that the production sucks. don’t tell me about that.)

    Dancing under the orange trees
    Eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me,
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees

    When I sneak through your chimneys
    And slip through the hallways while you dream
    I’m not trying to make you fear me
    I’m too captivated by that memory

    I saw you dance under the orange trees
    I’ll eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees…

    You’ve heard so much bad about me
    And they’ve told me the horror stories
    But let me tell you—they don’t everything
    Both of us are more, I want you to see

    Now you’re across from me
    Trying to explain this dichotomy
    You’ve always been a mystery
    Poisoning suitors, and so very lonely

    By yourself, dancing under the orange trees
    …sweet Irene
    On that throne, looking down at me
    …so cold, so lost Irene
    Come closer, you can dance with me
    Lose those heavy earrings with the bees
    Should I steal you away?
    …back to the orange trees

    I saw you dance under the orange trees
    I’ll eat one, two, three
    You don’t know anything about me
    But I saw you dance under the orange trees…