1. cosplaygen:

    (via Victorian Demon by adelhaid on deviantART)

    What an exquisite bodice…one of the best things in cosplay is how well they can make things fitted to themselves…

  2. sporebat:


    For those of you asking, I was Indian Captain America! I got lots of sweet compliments and people taking pics—was very worth all the effort!


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  3. kuudererules:

    Tomia cosplay as ‘Anna’, characters from the popular Walt Disney movie Frozen.

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  4. rafeeya:






    Guh, flawless. Non-Westernised interpretations of the steampunk genre FTW. 


    I’ve been REALLY wanting to see an Indian take on Steampunk so I am so pleased you have no idea


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  5. Eldarion 

    Is there a kids-of-cosplay blog? Asking for a friend.

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  6. cosplaygen:

    Interview 35Ryo (CN) by Ruxandra Târcă.
    Photo by 35Ryo (CN).

  7. mydisneydaze:

    Anakin and Padme were reunited today at Star Wars Weekends. ;)

    My heart is broken with the awesome here and I don’t even really know the characters
    This is just too d——‘d charming.

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  8. dorkly:

    She Decided To Become Gipsy Danger and it’s Pacific RAD

    We’re cancelling the apocalypse… in style.

    Cosplay by: Nona Neon Cosplay

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  9. cosplaygen:

    (via Isaac Clarke by tarrer on deviantART)

    I don’t know what this is but it is terrifyingly good.

  10. ryojisenou:

    Photo by 瀬能リョージ

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