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    This family won best costume at our local RenFest. And they CLEARLY deserved it LOOK AT THIS

    I’m sorry but I must reblog this. That GARB <3


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    AB14 Friday: Really cool Cecil with a glow cloud, like woah. I believe the Cecil is dehearmont! Can also be viewed on flickr.

    The detail on the arms is, too. ;)

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    Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet

    Cosplayer: Ryoko Demon [TW / DA / FB]
    Photographer: Kifir [FL / DA]



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    "do you wanna build a snowman??"

    "i am a grown ass man."

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  6. There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the false logic behind the Fake Geek Girl. There’s a lot of smart commentary out there. I love the tales of how knowledgeable nerd girls have pwned geekbros with superior knowledge of the DCverse, and that schadenfreude that comes with them.

    But I have a confession to make.
    *I Am That Fake Geek Girl*
    I have to admit it—my frames are fake. They look attractive on me and sometimes help me feel more confident. They also make me feel like people won’t treat me like a dumb teenager, even if they don’t make me look my actual (non-teen) age.
    I also pretty much just watch the movies. My first real Iron Man exposure was the Orson Scott Card origins graphic novel, but I got into superheroes because of the Sam Raimie Spider-Man. The Incredibles came out right after I got to see the first two and that animated film may be my ultimate superhero story, actually.
    I adore Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark for the obvious reasons and some more personal ones, and I’m not afraid to claim that fangirl status.
    The only comic I’m really semi-following is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man with the young scholarship-kid Spiderman.
    So yeah. I’m not a hard-trivia fan. I closet cosplay. I think the writing on a lot of comics is poor, and honestly I can’t get through it.
    I understand if that bothers you, too.
    **I’m Still a Legit Nerd**
    And maybe I’m way offbase to be claiming Fake Geek Girl status, because I’m not threateningly attractive and pretty much everyone I’ve ever met in con-going S/F writer circles has accepted me as one of their own. Probably because I have an opinion on even things I haven’t watched or read. Ones of a self-identifying intellectual.
    The reason I don’t game hard-core? Is actually because I have too much other nerdy stuff to do.
    I’m a writer. I’m a fanatic about language usage and story structure. I have shelves full of old manuscripts, and I write longhand.
    I’m also a serious K-Pop fangirl. I’ve tried not to be but it kind of goes alongside the Korean dramas I like to watch, and involves the kind of fantasy wish-fulfillment that lots of guys probably find in the comics I can’t get into.
    My ballroom-dancing, CG-modeling geek teen brother thinks my taste is all very laughable and consistently mocks my music when his totally classic taste for writing music is the soundtrack for How To Train Your Dragon.
    Which is awesome, actually, but NERD.
    Stop judging, lest you be judged.
    There is no such thing as a Fake Geek Girl, because even those filling all the cliches are probably geekier than you in some way you cannot even imagine…
    For instance, I am a literal spinster.
    Floo Powder fanart yarn by GossamerSong
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    Interview Darcy (AU)
    Darcy as Vincent Valentine (Final fantasy Advent Children).
    Photo by Brian Lim.
    Photo by Vaxzone.

    why are buckles so sexy

    has someone done the science

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    So much cute!

    {photo set: Chewbacca and Friends by Cuije Photo}

    Oh my god

    oh nooooo there’s more

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    I AM DED


    DAMN IT.

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    (via Bride of The Water God by Hikari-Kanda on deviantART)

    this is a manhwa so rich it basically entered my mental mythology as a real legend, rather than as a retelling. I was just thinking of it the other day and now I’m seeing it…