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    Photos by Kilian Schönberger


    this is some straight up fairy tale shit right here.

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  4. ursulavernon:

    Frogs fall out of my mouth when I talk. Toads, too.

    It used to be a problem.

    There was an incident when I was young and cross and fed up with parental expectations. My sister, who is the Good One, has gold fall from her lips, and since I could not be her, I had to go a…


  5. meeichner:

    "This is the story of twelve sisters, but mostly it is the story of Jo.

    This is the story of twelve sisters who escape from their home to go dancing until dawn.

    They have to escape, because they’re not allowed out, because their mother is dead and their father’s kindness is more terrifying than anything else.

    They can escape because Jo organizes it. She is the General; she never dances; she is her father’s daughter.

    This is a story about hard choices, about love, about saving yourself, and about saving each other.”

    I read Genevieve Valentine’s new book, The Girls at the Kingfisher Club and spoiler: I LOVED IT.

    Was planning to read eventually, but this description!!!

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    More wood spirits in the shop! These girls make up so fast and are so fun to make omg. More pictures here, in my etsy shop!

    These are so adorable! I’d love to have them about my bedroom.

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  8. eilisoneal:

    Fairy dress!

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  9. I’m not sure exactly how long my hair is. To my butt, anyway! I could probably grow it longer, but then I would also probably strangle myself in my sleep. It is fairy-tale enough now…

    And they told me it was one of a kind so I’m glad you also think so! ;) I just really, really was drawn to this style and the colors of the fabric. I am wearing a lovely gift of a knit lace shawl with it in today’s photos.


    my sister and I had fun figuring out how to do the corset on our own. Hopefully we will get better!

  10. fairytalemood:

    Swan Lake illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman

    THIS is the Swan Lake I always wanted.

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