1. blindsprings:


    Here is “Knot”, a short comic I drew to sell at Mocca and TCAF this year. The printed version is going to be SO PRETTY. I’m in love with the cover (which I will post later).

    I just wanted to do something fairy-tale-like that talked about doubts and frustrations and how to deal with them. I’m really happy with how colorful and adorable the story turned out to be. 

    If you enjoyed “Knot”, please consider reblogging it and/or checking out my ongoing webcomic Namesake! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!

    Isa’s been showing me wips of this for awhile, look how pretty this is finished, ahhh!!

    This is glorious.

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  2. puffinmuffin:


    Even broken things can still be beautiful. [via]

    This is actually really fantastic. I think I want to do something like this.

    I just need to find a way to keep them away from the cats.

    I have a beautiful broken pot I may be able to revive so…

    I was planning to use it somehow, but this!

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  3. forgive the dogawful graphics design

    look, a post-trauma Red Riding Hood poem!


  4. Just finished this story, and had to share it. The mix of Asian history, law, and fantasy, in the traditions of the time, are just pitch-perfect, and I love the heroine’s quiet wit and determination.


  5. hehasawifeyouknow:

    Possibly the greatest Greek-myth trainers ever (and maybe the only).

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  6. vaneeshaarnice:


    Quvenzhané Wallis, The New Princess of Independent Film

    I wanna be jealous of this ten year old … because she’s so darn cute! but I can drive… but she has more money than me

    beautiful girl, beautiful photography.

    Love the princess tent fort!

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  7. This is a poem that’s just too cute and charming and totally B&tB fanfic…I really can’t get up the nerve to send it to magazines.

    But Tumblr may like it?

  8. whatwonderfulthings:

    “The Library” from her GORGEOUS illustrative retelling of Beauty and the Beast by kelseymichele.

  9. fuckyeahweddingideas:

    Storybook Themed Wedding Inspiration

    Love how it’s not that everything matches, but that everything ties together for this particular person’s loves and sense of whimsy…

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  10. elfboi:

    tiny garden is tiny

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