1. I adore Japanese color theory. Especially in food.

    …if only their modern buildings were this pretty…

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  2. agreyeyedgirl:


    I have skull sugar cubes at home, and save them for special occasions. (Meaning, if I’m having a REALLY bad day, and need extra whimsy in my coffee.) I purchased mine from Dem Bones on Etsy.

    Heeeeey, I have a skull candy mold! I could totally make these!

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  6. gastrogirl:

    strawberry guacamole.

    This looks fantastic. If you blended it all up that would be gross, but if you let the different flavors kind of keep their integrity until they burst in your mouth… This could totally work for me.

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  7. naamahdarling:

    I would eat this and then cry that I had destroyed something so adorable.

    Seriously, I have no idea what it is, but it’s on a plate and is food-colored. I’m sure I would eat it.

    It looks like a jelly, and I am right there with you.

    I am betting this is somehow related to Asia…

  8. fairytalemood:

    Bleeding Heart strawberries & cream jello shots filled with chocolate syrup (recipe at My Jello Americans)

    hocrap this is perfect.

  9. f0o0od:


    wut is dis witchcraft

    perfect solution to how awful conversation hearts actually are!

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  10. bridalsnob:

    “Stained glass” wedding cake | by Maggie Austin

    Glorious. Makes me want cake, and I don’t like cake.

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