1. Hot Alert: Your Newest Favourite Beard Male Model

  2. eilisoneal:


    Hairstyle for Sansa


    I want this hairdo.

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  3. I’m not sure exactly how long my hair is. To my butt, anyway! I could probably grow it longer, but then I would also probably strangle myself in my sleep. It is fairy-tale enough now…

    And they told me it was one of a kind so I’m glad you also think so! ;) I just really, really was drawn to this style and the colors of the fabric. I am wearing a lovely gift of a knit lace shawl with it in today’s photos.


    my sister and I had fun figuring out how to do the corset on our own. Hopefully we will get better!

  4. This guy at the open mic night at our coffee shop had GLORIOUS hair.

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  5. K-Pop Confessions: re masculinity

    :getting so used to Asian teen guys that you are pleasantly surprised to see arm hair in a photo of an idol or actor:

  6. blackfashion:

    Cykeem White by Stefan Blomquist


    Imma just leave this here.

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  7. melanie-dee:

    Tanisha Lynn Pyron - 50shadesofblack.com

    Photo Credit: Jared Tyler

    MUA: Jrae Kilpatrick

    #gorgeous is right, agreyeyedgirl. She is, as are the photos themselves….

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  8. abstractelements:

    j. kissi, sunday portraits- may 2013

  9. Fantasy material because his hair looks like Zelo’s
    But he’s not a child…

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  10. I think this is a BJD, so that means this scale is incredible.

    I waaaaant. :(

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