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    Love the more rustic turn of this industrial-conversion-loft structure.

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  2. You’d need to install some drapes to pull over that brick when it got cold, but I actually think that could look awesome…

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  4. I could live with this.

    Hey, you know what, I could live with an extremely scaled-down, jimmy-rigged, redneck version of this.

    #on my project list now

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  5. bluepueblo:

    Reading Nook Swing, New York City

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  6. Another austerity-program living situation I can totally see myself working with. Look at all that floor space! And all the windows…

    Some loft apartments I cannot really like, even if they’re totally rad, because of the lack of visible OUTSIDE to them.

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    Jessica Helgerson and Yianni Doulis purchased this gem of a tiny house back in 2008 with the intent of living in it full-time with their two small children. The tiny house sits on a five-acres of land on Sauvie Island which is about 15 minutes north of Portland.

    The house was remodeled with reclaimed materials and now serves it’s fourth role since it was built in the early 1940′s. The homes original use was to house shipyard workers that worked in the local area. When the area flooded in 1948 the house was floated down river to Sauvie Island where it became a goose-neck station. After that it became a rental house and now a tiny house for four.

    Jessica and Yianni’s small home only has a footprint of 540 square feet and has a green roof for added insulation.

    The interior is lined with reclaimed wood siding, the majority of which came from one of the barns that sits on the property.

    Photos by Lincoln Barbour. If you would like to learn more about Jessica Helgerson’s interior design, you can visit her website at jhinteriordesign.com.

    Could totally live with this.

    Maybe with curtains for introverted children, but other than that?

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    rustic turquoise bedroom

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