2. podkins:

    Today’s ‘crochet in the home’ pic was found over at whereyourheartis on Flickr.  Title: 442   Such a lovely and fresh style.

    This reminds me of one childhood bedroom just enough to warm my heart instinctively, while being enough nicer to appeal to me as a grown-up…

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  3. clairescavern:

    can i have

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  5. sailorboy1264:


    Love the more rustic turn of this industrial-conversion-loft structure.

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  6. You’d need to install some drapes to pull over that brick when it got cold, but I actually think that could look awesome…

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  8. I could live with this.

    Hey, you know what, I could live with an extremely scaled-down, jimmy-rigged, redneck version of this.

    #on my project list now

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  9. bluepueblo:

    Reading Nook Swing, New York City

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  10. Another austerity-program living situation I can totally see myself working with. Look at all that floor space! And all the windows…

    Some loft apartments I cannot really like, even if they’re totally rad, because of the lack of visible OUTSIDE to them.

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