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  2. billy-george:

    An amazing bedroom.

  3. Look, I don’t know what’s so hard about installing these in every room in my house, people.

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  4. Yeah, I could deal with this housing situation.

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  5. eilisoneal:

    I could live here. Yep.

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  6. So this would be perfect for me…

    I could practically do this in my closet, but I already kinda tried to? I have more stuff that this…

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  7. BIKE


    I went and visited mine, couldn’t get her out of the pound yet and also wasn’t able to put down more money on her since the network was down at the store, but SOON

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  8. sailorboy1264:


    Love the more rustic turn of this industrial-conversion-loft structure.

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  9. You’d need to install some drapes to pull over that brick when it got cold, but I actually think that could look awesome…

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  10. b-undt:


    Very Industrial.

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