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    Jared Rue

    Morning Shore   2013   oil on canvas

    Alpine Mist    oil on canvas

    Tidal Inlet    2012  oil on canvas

    Refuge   2014   oil and aluminum on canvas over panel

    Aeris    2014   oil and copper on canvas

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    Orache moth Trachea atriplicis

    Me: surely this is a hoax

    *wikis, finds out it’s real, puts in drafts*

    Me, finding draft: surely this is a hoax

    *wikis, finds out it’s real*

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    The beekeeping club at Boys’ Latin School, Philadelphia. I visited them a little over a week ago and brought them a few pollinator-friendly plants. I’m trying to rope them into coming to the Philadelphia Honey Festival this fall. They’re really interesting young men.

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    Finnished Day
    Kuusamo  Finland

    photo by jjuuhhaa/deviantArt

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    sam the beekeeper -

    roughly five years ago, when i was twelve or thirteen, i convinced my pa to drive me a few hours upstate to meet a beekeeper. i had spend the year prior studying, researching, learning and soaking in all i could about honey bees. i had binders filled with notes and a decent collection of books, all about honey bees and how to care for them. i was fascinated obsessed with them. 

    pa drove me to meet this beekeeper so i could buy a box of honey bees from him. they smelled of smoke and honey and hummed quietly among themselves, sealed in the darkness. the beekeeper’s name was sam and he was probably around his twenties with a scraggly beard. he was really young for a beekeeper. he wore all loose, white clothing and a straw that hat hid his eyes from the white sun. he had a smoker but barely used it, the bees were humming happily about him, like they were intoxicated with his presence. he was very gentle and kind. there were mounds of dried mud, bricks and sticks on some of the white boxes and that was how he reminded himself of what was wrong with certain hives. he used less invasive tactics and no chemicals with his bees. it was so simple, so natural. i didn’t understand a lot of what he said because he was very soft-spoken so i wandered around as he rambled passionately to my pa. i later found out that sam told my pa about how he often slept under the stars with his honey bees. dad was perplexed as to why one would sleep out in the open like that (with bees!) but it made perfect sense to me. 

    fast-foward: i was just talking pretty passionately about honey bees to j, raving about them really. then i thought of sam and realized just how radical he is. how he preferred living simply than with all ‘modern’ ways of mainstream and didn’t need much to get by. he was a huge influence on me when i was much younger and still is, despite the fact i barely remember meeting him. he reminded me that i can still be a beekeeper. i don’t need much, land isn’t even necessary. i can still be a beekeeper. looking forward to see where this flow carries me.

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    Gonzalo Carcamo

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    photos by bence maté in costa rica who noted, “the garden at the laguna del lagarto lodge is full of flowers that are invaded by the ants. as they carried the colorful petals, i laid down to set up this reflected composition (third and sixth photos). i shot many thousands of pictures over several days and got just a few images that were sharp.”

    in lowland forests throughout costa rica, worker leaf cutter ants carry loads up to twelve times their own weight back to their subterranean nest, which they share with 5 million others, where leaf and flower fragments are chewed up and fed to a fungus which in turn provides them with food.

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    Tale of nature from Vyacheslav Mishchenko

    I always thought snails were pretty cute. I didn’t know how right I was until this moment…

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