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    Travel Photography, 2014 | by Pat Perry

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    I love Chicago.

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    Group of swimming tadpoles

    So epic. Looks like the No Man’s Sky trailer.

    i looked at this and saw laser dogfights and spaceships and romance

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  6. my personal favourite picture from the trip. taken on the shinkansen on our second day of our trip, en route from tokyo to kyoto. i <3 fog
    hi! the weather was incredible the whole time we were there, so there were lots of opportunities to take advantage of the sunshine.
    on our way back from isuien garden. so sunny!!
    inside margaret howell--hands down my favourite shop decor in shibuya.
    the famous bamboo forest. there were so many visitors, i barely got this shot.
    the 1000 torii gates leading to fushimi inari taisha. it was super crowded here too!!
    wandering the streets of kyoto. everything was so so so beautiful
    bikes everywhere! and lots of tiled buildings i really liked. nobody ever ties up their bike either.

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    Orache moth Trachea atriplicis

    Me: surely this is a hoax

    *wikis, finds out it’s real, puts in drafts*

    Me, finding draft: surely this is a hoax

    *wikis, finds out it’s real*

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    Dylan Rolling Tire, New York. 1963. 

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    Driving into the jungle.