1. My garden is OK shabby chic, and I am trying to source a door like this, but am pretty pleased with the rusted iron gates I have so far…

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  2. sailorboy1264:


    Love the more rustic turn of this industrial-conversion-loft structure.

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  3. awesomeetsy:

    Unique Wedding Guest Books & Artist Journals made from vintage French books and illustrations.

  4. The article on the maker of this little house and how she’s put it together were just amazing:

    A Tiny Victorian Cottage

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  5. justurquoiseinspiration:

    rustic turquoise bedroom

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    The Bibliobarn’s Bibliobargains! South Kortright, NY

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  7. I actually don’t want to be in a place where my bed is surrounded by rough exposed wood


    I think this is the basis for a myriad of other better ideas.

    And I’d love to endure it for a night or two.

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  8. ca-pricorn:


    I completely adore the volume on this skirt.

    There’s a whole rant I am not going to write here on how dresses I think are pretty are not considered appropriate day-wear, but anyway. I love the raggedness, the pink that shows most in the shadow…

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