1. sailorboy1264:


    Love the more rustic turn of this industrial-conversion-loft structure.

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  2. awesomeetsy:

    Unique Wedding Guest Books & Artist Journals made from vintage French books and illustrations.

  3. The article on the maker of this little house and how she’s put it together were just amazing:

    A Tiny Victorian Cottage

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  4. justurquoiseinspiration:

    rustic turquoise bedroom

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  5. bookshelfporn:

    The Bibliobarn’s Bibliobargains! South Kortright, NY

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  6. I actually don’t want to be in a place where my bed is surrounded by rough exposed wood


    I think this is the basis for a myriad of other better ideas.

    And I’d love to endure it for a night or two.

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  7. ca-pricorn:


    I completely adore the volume on this skirt.

    There’s a whole rant I am not going to write here on how dresses I think are pretty are not considered appropriate day-wear, but anyway. I love the raggedness, the pink that shows most in the shadow…

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  10. I adore how intimate and compact this is—I always love lofts and bookshelves that relate to my storage problem without putting books too far out of reach.

    Come to me, my love!

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