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  2. 김재중

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  3. I don’t want ALL their clothes, I just want a chance to try all of it on, is the thing.

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  4. You’d think I’d envy their youth—their girlfriends—their streets.

    No, I just envy their clothes.

    I envy the fact that they feel okay with spending their money on those clothes, sneakers, and wearing them out on the street.

    In a way, I guess I do envy their youth, their guyness. But only because they’re wearing it so.

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    someone make these for me

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  7. My kind of eyecandy ceremonial pitching.

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    Possibly the greatest Greek-myth trainers ever (and maybe the only).

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  9. Soo Joo II, Photography Anouk Morgan

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    貼心貼示 by (EBIpetitnail)

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