1. intotheomelette:



    Handspun evenstar shawl

    pattern by Susan Pandorf

    diameter: about 62 inches.

    yarn: handspun polwarth/silk. 1262.2m. 100g

    needle: US 1 (2.25mm)

    beads: about 2 full boxes and a little bit from 3rd box of size 8 seed beads dynamites from fire mountain gems.

    duration: 5 months to spin the yarn. 4 months to knit the shawl.

    Good lord, that is dedication.



    (via theberrywoods)

  2. gossamersong:

    ASHITAKA Super-Set!

    The top three photos are of the last yarn in my Ashitaka series, which I’m calling “Will to Live”—I tried to get the moonlit moments of Ashitaka taking San from the ironworks, the blood staining both of them, and that quiet game-changer when he says Ikiro. Live. You’re beautiful, and throwing your life away is too foolish.

    That quiet beat of heroism sums up the movie, to me. He’s dying, and she’s ungrateful, and he still says that she deserves to seek life.

    The bottom set of photos show how the three skeins all look together. They are heavy and gorgeous, let me just say that if you had an 800 yard project that would show off one-of-a-kind handspun nicely, these would not disappoint you.

    Thanks chroniclesofescapism for the lovely photos of the set! All of the pictures were pretty, I want to find a way to use them…

  3. yukonakamura:

    dye, spin, weave, full, joy.

    Downright amazing guys—not just that it was done, but that this person could go from fiber to weaving, and not just treasure each piece forever as it was…

  4. gossamersong:


    I went into Avengers with a relatively serious thing on with Tony Stark, and a known drool-disorder for Thor.

    I came out with a disturbingly strong though quiet feeling for Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. (Not in PLACE of either of the others. I am fictionally polyamorous.)

    This yarn is themed on his human side, where the comic-book purple seemed apt, but then a more Hawaiian shirt complementing side. I’m actually hugely happy with the way this yarn turned out.

    More photos at my shop! Click the photo and it’ll link you through.

    reblogging because I’m not sure who follows my ill-maintained fiber blog…