1. swirlofillustration:

    Foresee | By: 

    This is drop-dead gorgeous just by angle and allusion. I’m not quite sure how.

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  2. I so badly want to hear about the defense pros/cons of this place.

    I so badly want to go there, and I don’t really feel that way about the beautiful places I see in photos most of the time…

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  3. theworldwelivein:

    Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool, Blackwater Falls, Virginia
    © ForestGladesiWander | website

  5. fairytalemood:

    “The Six Swans” by P.J. Lynch

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  6. theworldwelivein:

    Ermita de San Bernabé, Ojo Guareña, Burgos, Spain
    ©  isiltasuna)

    This chapel makes me think of all the times I wanted to make something in tucked away places like this, but didn’t…

  7. fairytalemood:

    “Enchanted” by chibi-oneechan

    This looks like a grown-up Alice, become a school-marm, maybe, in a parallel universe where she’s hiding her storytelling magic…

  8. vintagebrooklynryn:

    “The Frog Prince”

    Illustration by Janet & Anne Grahame Johnstone. This artwork is from Dean’s: A Book of Fairy Tales, 1977 edition.

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  10. fairytalemood:

    “Cage” by rannsama