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    Nostalgia here presents as ugly shades of concrete. The thing I first noticed about Japan that wasn’t exotic, just different, was how ugly most of their modern buildings were…

    (These buildings aren’t bad, they just remind me of that…)

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  4. Like maybe, you look different and more yourself to people who will never see you again.

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    Makes me think of train rides further out into the Yonezawa countryside…

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    packs 2 hours before leaving for a trip

    unpacks 3 months after coming home

    TCK problems.

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  9. I’m back East, actually!

    My brother got married Saturday, and we made a two-week trip out of that, since our extended family all lives up this way.

    I had thought that maybe I could go down your way to Bartram’s Garden since I was this far already, but I’ve been thinking it unlikely so didn’t say anything…

    Found a great little historical place to explore yesterday, though: Longfellow’s Wayside Inn! And the Grist Mill built near it, which is originally a demo mill, BUT built by Henry Ford when he acquired the inn, so. Historic in its own way.

    Please, here, have some more aesthetically pleasing photographs from my trip XD


    a while back when I was in London, my friend and I tracked down some Sherlock locations and I took printed pictures with me to catch the exact scene.

    North Gower Street, Russell Square Gardens, Northumberland Street, China Town, ST Bart's Hospital, Eaton Square London.

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    This is the tour of London I want, actually. Sherlock makes the city alive as it is now, instead of as the historic icon or whatever…

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