1. maryrobinette:


    So do you remember the stone circles/spiral I found a few weeks ago in Mariehamn? I’m about 1000km away in Kilpisjärvi and I climbed up one of the tallest hills/mountains in Finland and found another just like it - same basic size and everything, plus some other interesting stuff. Also I saw a reindeer.

    This is how horror movies start, isn’t it.

    What’s that strange sound? I’ll be right back.

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    DSC_3772 by CangMin on Flickr.

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    Down the hill

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  6. eilisoneal:

    I want to feel as ready to take over the world as these sheep look.

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  7. maggie-stiefvater:

    I have returned from Wales. I went as far west as I could manage, and then a little further.

    You should go.

    If you are not convinced by these 10 photos, you have no soul.

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    Finnished Day
    Kuusamo  Finland

    photo by jjuuhhaa/deviantArt

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    50/365 (by nijntjee)

    Nostalgia here presents as ugly shades of concrete. The thing I first noticed about Japan that wasn’t exotic, just different, was how ugly most of their modern buildings were…

    (These buildings aren’t bad, they just remind me of that…)

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