1. Amy Talluto, Pencil on Paper, 2009

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  2. chrisbrinleejr:

    It’s official, I’m in love with the Cascades.

    Mt. Baker State Park, North Cascades, Washington.

    For good reason. I’m still infatuated and haven’t been back to see them in 15 years….

  3. fuckyeahcraft:

    Yarn Bombing (by crochetlatte)

    Some lovely lacey yarn bombing!

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  4. tattrx:

    The Philipines   

    The delicacy of what’s possible in tattoo art now makes it seem a little bizarre to never get one.

    Still, permanence so early in my life justly scares me, so…

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  5. the fallen petals like lace…

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  6. ryanpanos:

    Rua Goncalo de Carvalho: Most Beautiful Street in the World via Amusing Planet

    At first I thought this was a fall-of-city image, with all the greenery on the balconies, too. Which is kind of amusing, to be the first topic my mind went to…

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  7. knewdrew:

    reverse graffiti.

    instead of using actual spray cans…some artist are just cleaning dirt off of certain areas to make their masterpieces. and they are calling it reverse graffiti. kind of brilliant.

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  8. In a way, this seems a precarious place, more of a camp-out spot than a to-be-lived-in spot.

    On the other hand, I am going to die from the pretty, and would gladly go home full of bugbites after a weekend out here…

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  10. He is fabulous.

    His chosen lane of cruising is fabulous.

    I want it all, darling.


    Pops cruisin’.

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