1. newamsboys:

    Reporters at a baseball game by G. G. Bain, 1910-1915

    Just watched “Woman of the Year”, at which we see some of this in action. It’s got a fun opening where our heroine, international correspondent & diplomat’s daughter, makes the comment that maybe the nation shouldn’t be continuing baseball during a war crisis.

    The blatant ignorance of this comment brings our hero, sports reporter, to take her to a game.

    The movie goes a bit downhill from there—I feel that women’s rights are more a token issue (rather than His Girl Friday’s “deal with it” attitude) and the movie fizzles rather than climaxing.

    But the world of baseball then looked fascinating.

  2. omgthatdress:


    Hattie Carnegie, 1950s

    The Frock

    I am malcontent with my formal dress options in this millennium.

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  3. From @poedaughter7, on Twitter:

    "The Bat Bus is my dream car."

    :wolf whistles:

  4. clever, brutal-looking design.

    Just what I didn’t know I wanted in a chess set

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    Actor boyfriend!

    From the submitter howpaperrusts:

    "Pantomimist" 1870s, tintypes of Fawdon Vokes, né Walter Fawdon (from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Fall 2012)

    "[He] joined the ranks of the Vokes Family, a group of London performers who toured the United States beginning in 1872. Somewhere on tour, perhaps in Philadelphia, Vokes stopped at a portrait studio to act his roles before the camera."

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  8. This is a photo that would have gone in my DA folder for my latest novel, which I am finishing. Kind of serendipity to have it on my dash…

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  10. Lookit this handsome bastard.

    I have never before legitimately wanted a fainting couch…
    Can you even call such a magnificent beast of furniture a “fainting couch”? I tried it out hoping it wasn’t comfy, so as not to have that feeling of regret…and this brings it back to why I called him a bastard. Totally sleep-worthy level of comfortable. Only $699.

    If someone wants to kickstart this thing I will totally let you try napping on it as an incentive— after making you wear a thick dressing gown to spare the leather (and be appropriately dressed for the occasion).