1. This is beautiful, and I even love ladders, but I have to hold to my principles: which is everything should be within the reach of a person unless you are going to have a balcony or something cool to reach it by.

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  2. chroniclesofescapism:

    I was torn between posting this picture and the picture of the cute Asian boy reading a book at the library I was at yesterday.
    This is not from the library, it’s from a Methodist church.

    Anyway. I’ll post the other picture tomorrow. 

    I like the odd angle on this.

  3. titles-for-tangents:

    Beautiful attic room with Cape Cod view. - Imgur

    This I believe is what is called ideal. If only it was a rocking chair?

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  5. ca-pricorn:


    I completely adore the volume on this skirt.

    There’s a whole rant I am not going to write here on how dresses I think are pretty are not considered appropriate day-wear, but anyway. I love the raggedness, the pink that shows most in the shadow…

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  6. pomegranatesonapeachtree:


    I’d love to have a place like this.

    ohhhh, me too O.O

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  7. bluepueblo:

    Library Window View, Ely, England

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    this is my perspective on life always, because I’m always inside, and always have books stacked up around me.

    I’m feeling pretty good about my perspective on life, right now, except I need to get a better view…

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