1. itsgeorgia:


    Joel Robinson, the most magical photographer known to Flickr.


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  2. bluepueblo:

    Reading Nook Swing, New York City

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  3. bluepueblo:

    Reading Nook, Ambleside, England

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    Needs more upholstery. But this can be fixed. You may install it immediately…

  5. tairadawn:

    Treport, France

    Lovely, darling, come closer…

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  7. I am very nostalgic about French presses now I haven’t used ours for ages, since it got gross. I LOVE French Press coffee, all the minute coffee particles clouding it so richly…

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  8. "Helloooow Pemberly!" says I

    "Expect me tomorrow, with my spinning wheel," says sissie


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  9. It’s funny how much windows characterize a place.

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  10. Reading nooks are hard to screw up, but this is PHENOMENAL.

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